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The Tracy Quaife Theatre Dance School, Nottingham,
participates each year in local dance festivals across the country for children of all ages. The school has been rewarded with many medals and trophies over the years, even winning the Mayor of Nottingham's trophy more than once for the most entertaining act. 
These festivals are a great experience for all involved, pupils can participate in solos, duets, trios and troupes in all of the core subjects including song and dance.
Festivals help to develop performance and confidence and help pupils who wish to take up a career in dance and theatre.  
Entry is by invite only from principal Tracy Quaife.
Pupils wishing to participate in Festivals must attend classes twice a week plus private lessons and festival rehearsal workshop days.
Pupils dedication, attendance, exam results and ability to work as a soloist are all taken into consideration by Miss Tracy and of course the TQ smile!!   
A lot of rehearsing and private lessons are involved, but all the hard work really pays of when you see all the boys & girls enjoying what they love doing, making new friends  and showing such amazing confidence. I am always so proud of my pupils.



Roisin, Ciccone & Megan