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Prejuvenille Prep &  Primary   


Royal blue skirted leotard,  pink ballet socks under 12's, pink ballet tights  over 12's. Pink satin ballet shoes with elastics.    Hair in classical bun, no fringes.



Grade 1  -  3


Navy Blue Leotard, pink ballet tights, pink leather Cobra ballet shoes. Hair in classical bun, no fringes.

Grade 4 & 5  Inter and Adv 1&2

Black thin strapped, classical ballet leotard, pink ballet tights, pink leather Cobra ballet shoes and pointe shoes. Hair in classical bun, no fringes.



Black leotard, black jazz flares/leggings. Tracy Quaife
t/shirt or sweatshirt,black leather tap shoes with
toe and heel taps fitted. Hair in bun with no fringes.

Modern, Commercial Jazz & Musical Theatre

Black leotard, black jazz flares/leggings, Tracy Quaife T/shirt or Sweatshirt, black jazz shoes, black New Yorkers (musical theatre Grade 3 and above) Hair in bun, no fringes.

Boys Uniform

Please discuss with Miss Tracy

Other items of Tracy Quaife Uniform

Tracy Quaife t/shirt, fleece and hooded zipped up tops, Tracy Quaife dance bag.

Uniform must be worn for all classes and can be obtained from the Castle Boulevard Studio, or pre- ordered, please see Dance Uniform order form.